Accountability of NGO operations in Bangladesh

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Processing and preservation of papaya jam

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Comparative study of drum seeding with other planting methods in aus rice

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Growth regulatory activities of aqueous extracts of five ornamental plants

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Waste recycling in Bangladesh - an overview

Mohammad Saifullah, Shaikh Mostak Ahammad and Farhana Satter

Impact of the global financial crisis on Bangladesh economy: a theoretical appraisal

M. Hasan Uddin, M. Anisur Rahaman, M.Z. Abedin, M. Mamunar Rashid and Md. Jamal Uddin

Acomperative study of newly released sugarcane varieties in old himalayan piedmont plain soils

M.N.A. Miah, A.S.M. Amanullah, M.M. Rahman, M.A.B. Siddique and R.C. Kabiraj