About the Journal

The Journal of Science and Technology (Online ISSN: 2959-3239 & Print ISSN: 1994-0386) is an official journal of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University. The journal has an international scope with broad constituency of scientists in the agricultural sciences, engineering, business studies, basic sciences and humanities, and annually publishes original articles, review papers and technical notes. A number of editorial members guide manuscripts through the review process and properly formatted papers are accepted for publication. Authors from all concerns of science and technology are requested to submit manuscripts for publication to this journal. We ensure speedy responses to authors and rapid publication, with all papers being reviewed by at least two independent referees.

JST serves as a multidisciplinary platform, inviting submissions from a diverse array of fields including agriculture, science, engineering, veterinary science, fisheries, food and nutrition, business studies, social science, economics, and computer science. We recognize the interconnectedness of these disciplines and the significance of promoting collaboration and idea exchange across diverse domains. Authors spanning these areas are encouraged to share their research findings, innovations, and insights, enriching the scholarly dialogue within our journal. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, our goal is to foster comprehensive understanding and tackle the intricate challenges of our contemporary world. JST publishes two issues annually, providing a regular forum for the dissemination of impactful research and ideas.